Set Up Your Own Secret Girls' World Group


Want to learn to knit and/or sew? Then why not set up your own SGW group with a handful of girlfriends, and a fab aunty, nan or neighbour who's prepared to teach you these amazing skills.


When should you meet? Everyone's busy, so be realistic. School semesters can be full-on, so weekends may be best. Or you may prefer to meet in school holidays. Consult teacher your SGW as to what suits her, as she's the one who'll be getting you together.


Where should you meet? Most groups meet at someone's house – it's more friendly that way.


The program? It's up to you, but it's great to make something for yourself, something for someone you love, then something for someone in need. There's lots of fab knits you can make for charity (see the home page) Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Make sure you're having fun.


Celebrate. Why not stage a fab high tea your 'graduation' – to thank your teacher and enjoy your achievements. There's nothing more magical than gorgeous food, cups and saucers and serviettes to finish things off. Then …


Stage Your Very Own High Tea. Now you know how to put together an amazing high tea, you're ready to do it again – perhaps with even more people – and raise money for your fave charity!