Are You A Second-Hander or Wannabe?


Every year millions of tons of stuff from clothes and shoes, to furniture and other household things end up as landfill. One way to reverse this trend is to buy second-hand or to cut back on your spending. If you're ready to embrace a more earth friendly lifestyle, why not join the growing Buy Nothing New movement. You can learn how to shop less and live more, sign a BNN pledge, and find out what others are doing. Go to for more.


Roots and Shoots


If you want to join tens of thousands of guys and girls in more than 120 countries, wanting to create a better world, then Roots and Shoots is the place to be. The brilliant thing about this program is you identify the problems facing your community and Roots and Shoots helps you take action. These may be issues some people in your community are facing, perhaps animals or the environment is needing some help. When you check out you'll learn more about a whole range of projects from The Reusable Bag Campaign and the Tchimpounga Sanctuary, which cares for orphaned chimpanzees.


Fresh out of ideas?


It's kind of tragic when all the weekend holds is a trip to the mall. If you're fresh out of ideas, here's a few suggestions from the fab Keri Smith on what you can do instead:


1. Go to a library. Pick up some new books. here are a few reading lists to give you some ideas,

the worsted witch,

1001 books you should read before you die.


2. Bake something using things you have in your cupboard. Or bake something you've never made before. Check out Orangette for some great ideas, (i've enjoyed everything I've made of hers).


3. Make a list of raw materials you have in your house, (things you could recycle or alter to create something new). Find some projects to make using things on your list. Resources: Make, Craft, Instructables, Readymade, Supernaturale, get crafty, make your own gifts out of recycled sweaters, (see example here.)


4. Write a letter.

-to someone you care about

-to a politician (requesting change on a topic you care about)

-to a corporation


5. Plan an expedition. Take a walk in nature, collect a variety of items you find on your travels. Use the items to a) make a mobile,

or b) decorate your home.


6. Donate to something you believe in. (or sign up to volunteer somewhere). To get more amazing ideas go to and don't forget to check out Keri's illos too.


Keri is a Vancouver-based author of several bestselling books on creativity, and free lance illustrator who's worked for clients from Random House, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Ford Motor Co., the Boston Globe, Galison/Mudpuppy Press, and Hallmark.


Retro Formals – A New Way to Celebrate


Smart girls are just plain sick of the stress and humungous amount of money spent on formals, which takes away from the chance to truly celebrate. Let's face it.

As this is a night to truly remember, why encourage your school to get with the program and have a vintage/retro formal. The fabulous fifties era is one of the most popular decades of choice for formals, with all the gorgeous frocks that were worn back then, which fit a whole range of shapes and sizes.

It's the perfect opportunity to source that special forgotten frock from your Nan's wardrobe or from your local thrift store. If you don't want the same old, same old, it's a great way to go.


The Girl Effect


Have you ever stopped to think how amazingly powerful you are? If you're in any doubt or just want to know more, then click onto and discover how the 600 million girls on this planet have the power to end poverty for themselves and others once and for all. Don't miss the YouTube clips from girls in Ethiopia, Bangladesh and other amazing countries. You'll love it!


Girls Can't What?


It's time to break down all those limiting ideas about what girls can do – and the Girls Can't What? website (also on Facebook and Twitter) will give you lots of examples to help empower you to be the fabulous girl you're destined to be.


Want to Share Your Smarts …?


Want to Share Your Smarts ... and be on TV, then check out As long as you're between 14-18 and want to show what it's like to live where you live, all you have to do is send Smart Girls at the Party a message and they'll give you more details. And guess what - your video could be featured on the brand new and improved Smart Girls Network coming this summer! The motto – Change the World By Being Yourself


Project Rockit


If you're tired of the bulling culture at school, and want to learn about how to be an empowered girl, not afraid to lead, then perhaps your school needs a visit from the fab Project Rockit team -


Educate Girls and You Change the World


It's official. When you educate girls they get healthy. They save money and resources, help their families, children and communities, and work to end poverty. To learn more click onto


Targeting Teens


If you're not mad about the way teens and teens are represented in media and the way they're constantly marketed to, check out the Targeting Teens Facebook which helps you recognize offensive, harmful, and manipulative messages, nurture your self-esteem, be empowered, and how best to speak up and get things changed.


Mobile Wallpaper That Rocks Your Socks


Looking for amazing wallpaper for your mobile that will make your heart dance and your all girl soul sing? Then you've got to check out There's also apps and posters and all kinds of truly inspiring stuff for those days when you're feeling a bit down.


Art Camp – A Happening Place


There's art classes and art classes – right? One amazing teacher Sophie Lampert takes her students out into nature for art camp, where everything, and I mean everything can be part of your artistic expression from the clothes you're wearing to amazing nature finds. You mightn't be able to join this art camp, but you can give your creativity a nudge with your own imagination. Check these photos out, then get creative!